DSC07314Excellent food + great hospitality = a wonderful place to stay !

Thank you so much !

Anne and Ulrich Ehlers, Berlin

Dear Mr Fluzin,

We stayed at „La Taiga“ from May 20 to 24. When we departed, you suggested that we should drive via Col de Rousset and Die. I would like to thank you for this suggestion. The weather remained cloudy right to the entrance of the tunnel at Col de Rousset. When we left the tunnel on the other side, we were surprised by a blue sky, and we could watch a cascade of clouds drifting over the top of the mountain and dissolving in the sunshine! We could also watch the vultures circling above from a parking lot a few hundred meters further down the road.

Many thanks again to your wife and to you for your hospitality!

Kind regards,

Anne & Ulrich Ehlers

Col rousset enroulé nuage Col rousset vautour fauve